I use the NET IQ Sentinel 7.4 .
and I add new event source which is IBM AIX 7.1 and Redhat 7.3 .
and I found the 10.75.xx.xx connect to Connector Server via tcp ip 1468 port .
and Collector started stable . Connector started stable

But Event Source Server - Syslog got the message :
detail Server listening for syslog messages on port 1468 and the maximum messages the server can buffer per collector is 10,000,000
Error Message Duplicate universal SYSLOG collectors found. Cannot have multiple. Used first collector plugin found: Plugin NetIQ_Universal-Event, Mode 'map'. Ignored universal collector ecomsoftware_Paloalto-Firewall mode 'map'.
SYSLOG connection mode 'map' defined multiple times in collector ecomsoftware_Paloalto-Firewall. Discarding mode with 'no Applications, UniqueMatchingRule, or UniversalSyslogCollector' property. Keeping mode with 'no Applications, UniqueMatchingRule, or UniversalSyslogCollector(default)'.

But the event source got the message:
detail Syslog connector registered to server Syslog server (ID 4CA73048-6E02-1035-BC93-0050568FCF28) for syslog events, TZ: No Time Zone Set, Pending Messages: 0, Created by: Newer Enhanced Routing Connector
Error Message No connection detected from the source 10.75.xx.xx

Why have Error ?
Could you help me how to fix it ?
Maybe support check step for the configuration in Server and Client .
I read the document , I can not find how to config in client for Syslog and File , because I will monitor System , Apache log and Websphere log .