I am trying to run a bundle that runs a full inventory of the WS silently. If I log in to the WS then run the bundle, it runs silently to completion and produces the expected results. If I Schedule it to run at a specific date and time and the WS is at the login prompt, it doesn't seem to run. Also, when I look at the Bundle Status under Assignment Status, I see 2 devices Targeted and Effective and the Blocked/Targeted shows 0/2. However, under Deployment status I see one device Pending and one device successful. I click on the Pending device and it is the WS that is at the login prompt. I click on 'Details' under 'Status' and it says 'Distribution Status' is Unknown and the 'Probable Cause' is 'N/A'

This bundle has a single Install action run as the system user which is to delete all the *.xml files in ${ProgramFiles32}\Novell\ZENworks\work\inventory. Remotely monitoring that directory on the WS shows that this doesn't happen. I don't have 'Include System files' checked but these should not be considered system files, should they?

There are 4 Launch actions using the appropriate ZAC commands again run as the system user:
1. Run an inventory scan now
2. Roll up the inventory to ZCC
3. Wait 20 seconds
4. Refresh the agent

The bundle is assigned to the Device using a Distribution Schedule for a specific date and time and I have the options checked to 'Install immediately after Distribution' and 'Launch immediately after Installation'.

Again, this all seems to work fine when run at the desktop (and I don't see any windows indicating everything is being run as the system user) but when run at the login prompt it fails. Why?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.