Hi all - we're experiencing an issue that is similar to some others I found in these forums, but not quite the same, so I'm starting my own thread.

We're running Windows 10 with client version 2 SP4 IR6 and our users are DLUs. When the computer first boots, users can log into the computer via the client login just fine. However, after locking the computer or after it goes to sleep / hibernation, the client login will fail with the following message:

The network password cannot be validated at this time because the connection to the Novell network was lost. Please enter the password for the Windows account to unlock the computer now, or wait and try the network password again later.

This then brings the user to the "computer only" login screen, which works without issue. When they are passed on to the desktop session, the user is still logged into the Novell network and all mapped drives are still there. Of course, during the login, there is no known issue on the network or server side that would prevent login. The laptops our users use do have two possible network connections (wifi and ethernet), but this problem occurs when either only one or both of the network connections is active, and even on a testing computer on which there is only one network interface. Since the user is still authenticated to the client when local login succeeds, this makes me think that it's not really a network issue anyway.

After one of these fail client logins, there is an error in the System messages of the event viewer that talks about how the System user doesn't have access to the RuntimeBroker function. I googled that and found the steps from Microsoft to fix such permissions issues and followed them carefully. This removed the error in the System messages, but didn't actually stop the problem - the client failure still happens. No new error messages have appeared.

Perhaps related, we are also experiencing a failure when a user tries to change a password from Windows (we have eDir syncing enabled). This problem never has left a message in the System logs.

Any advice or direction is very much appreciated. Thanks!