We have an IDM installation version 4.6.0 on a couple of servers. One of the bugs of 4.6.0 was that it was impossible to add a new remote loader instance on a non-English Windows server (in our case German). NetIQ released a hotfix (nls directory) with a patched versions of the rlconsoleRes.dll. After his patch one could add a new RL instance on a German server.

Last week we patched the Engine and RL to version 4.6.1. Today I tried to add a new RL instance for O365. The same error occured as on the original 4.6.0 RL (translated error: Operation not supported). I tried to re-apply the hotfix to see if this would fix the error. Unfortunately it did not.

My temporary workaround now is to take the rlconsoleRes.dll from the ENU directory (C:\Novell\RemoteLoader\nls\ENU) and replace the DEU version with it. With this workaround it is again possible to create RL instances.

Can you please release another hotfix for the 4.6.1 RL and included it in the 4.6.2 patch (and test it please before release).