Dear Forum Members,

I would like to set up a method to have a photo attribute for users in eDirectory for a phone book (ldap) application and for GroupWise. The total number of users is about 33k. According to documentation the photo attribute has a max size of 64k. 33000*64k is about 2 GB. So if every user has a 64k photo in eDirectory, the dib will grow with 2 GB. And this is what makes me concerns. The dib is currently 1,7 GB on a replica server with all partitions, so if and when every user has a photo, the dib will grow to about 3,7 GB. Are there any disadvantages, pitfalls, best practices for such a situation? Memory, disk and cpu is not a problem. I know that eGuide has a nice feature. If the photo or jpegphoto attribute contains an uri of a photo, it can display it without any problems. Unfortunately eGuide is not an option and I doubt that GW could sync the photo from an uri.