Dear Friends, Hi,

I have three issues that need your advices.

1. We are using Turkish Language, so there are files and directories named by turkish characters. ın Mobile APP, the sorting is not proper.
For example, there is two folder named ISPARTA and İSTANBUL. Normally İSTANBUL must be sorted after ISPARTA. But İSTANBUL is sorted after "ZONGULDAK"
In other words, "İ" is not sorted after "I", but sorted after "Z"

2. Second issue is about NET FOLDERS. Although I make shares for NET FOLDERS, the users only see those folders under "SHARED WITH ME". They can not see any folder under "NET FOLDERS", both in Web access and Mobile access.
(Only admin account see the NET FOLDERS under "NET FOLDER".)

3. Normally what back up software do you suggest? We are using HPE VM EXPLORER, but it is failing to back up FILR Appliance, because of sdb harddisk is INDEPENDENT.
So what backup software are you using and advise to back up FILR?

I am looking forward to your valuable comments and helps.

Best regards,
Lutfi Demirel