I have patched to 4.5.6
Using oracle 12c db, the first row of the UI_ITEM table shows <Error> on the EXTERNAL_ID column. All other rows show <Other>

catalina.out shows several No external item found with id: messages, all of them starting with Home, such as "cn=HomeIOSApproval,cn=NavItems;

I had ua driver installed from a dev environment copy. I deleted the ua driver and created a new default driver.
I deleted the idmprov, landing, rra, and dash folders
I ran the java path found in the NetIQ-Custom-Install.log, it ran successful based on the db.out file.

Not sure what I'm missing. I haven't troubleshot from a db perspective, but guessing that is where my issue lies.

The only problem I have found is with the HPD /landing page. The other pages work fine.