we have a problem with the following situation:

An account in LDAP was accidentally deleted and then created again, same
user name. Now Filr refuses to synchronize the account:

Cannot create user 'xyz' with dn='cn=xyz,ou=yyy,o=yyy' and
ldapGuid='51b2942bf87d50648751b2942bf87d' because a user with the same name
already exists in the database.

So far that makes sense.

The problem is: Filr does not let me delete the user so that LDAP sync can
create the new one:

"You can not delete the LDAP provisioned user 'X Y's workspace."

That does not make sense to me.

I have set to only disable, not delete, accounts that are not in LDAP any
more - but it should be possible to delete them manually!

Is there really no possibility to delete LDAP provisioned accounts? How can
I fix the problem with the recreated LDAP-account?