Im currently working on calling the REST services in order to start a PRDs as an authenticated user. But I'm not getting the expected response.

I would expect when calling the getDefinitions that every PRD should have a GUID, so that it's possible to start the workflow.
But here is what I get (It's the same for uaadmin by the way):

"Links": [
"Link": "\/RIS\/wf\/processes?filter=Definition=cn=cjg_test,cn=Request Defs,cn=AppConfig,cn=ua01,cn=IDMDriverSet01,ou=sys tem,o=top",
"Type": "wf\/processes",
"Value": "Workflow Processes"
"Link": "\/RIS\/wf\/workitems?filter=Definition=cn=cjg_test,cn=Request Defs,cn=AppConfig,cn=ua01,cn=IDMDriverSet01,ou=sys tem,o=top",
"Type": "wf\/workitems",
"Value": "Workflow Workitems"
"DataItems": [],
"DN": "cn=cjg_test,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfig,cn=ua01,c n=IDMDriverSet01,ou=system,o=top",
"GUID": "",
"Link": "\/RIS\/wf\/definitions",
"Value": "cjg_test",
"Category": "accounts",
"DigitalSignatureType": "not-required",
"Description": "cjg_test",
"Operation": "0",
"Recipient": ""

As you can se there is no GUID value nor any Link for starting the process. It's the same for all PRDs.

Heres what Iv'e done so far:
- Changed the USER_APP_URL in the web.xml in the RIS.war, pointing it to the correct URL.
- Changed the "WorkflowService/SOAP-End-Points-Accessible-By-ProvisioningAdminOnly" setting in the ism-configuration.properties to false

The system is running on Windows Server 2012 R2
IDM (DirXML) version: AE
UA version: NetIQ Identity Manager Home Page version 4.5.3
eDir version : eDirectory for NT x86_64 v8.8 SP8 [DS]

Best regards
Carsten Jørgensen