Running 14.2.2 126868
I want to generate a log file for my weekly audit reports. The jobs are configured in the Scheduled events on the POA. Under the logging tab, the Log file path is: /media/nss/DATA/gwcheck.log
It is also emailed to admin.

The report runs and is emailed to the admin but I don't get the log file in the path that I specified - even though it indicates the path in the output log:

Here's the header of report :

Processing information for this run:
Path to PO = /media/nss/DATA/PO123
Post Office= PO123
User = All
Action = Audit report
Inactivity days = 30
Verbose = No
Upd DiskSpace= No
Output log = /media/nss/DATA/PO123/wpcsout/chk/gwcheck.log

In my test system running 14.2.1 Build 124595 this works. Is this a bug in this version?