after upgrading my appliances to ZCM2017SP1 the most things are fine.
But I can not register the VA. I have a SMT-Server with the needed repos
(ZEN-Appliance-2017-Product and ZEN-Appliance-2017-OS).

Each time I try it I get an error that no valid metadata can be found at
the specified URL. (But the URL is correct!)
At the same time I get a warning that the gpg-signature check of the
file repomd.xml has failed.

Even if I choose the recommanded command:
# /usr/bin/zypper --gpg-auto-import-keys -x ref
I get the messages with the default answer 'No'.

I have removed the repo from the SMT and mirrored completly new -
nothing changed.

When I check the repo via a browser it looks like the other repos.

I do not want connect my VA to a repo which has unsigned content (or
maybe malware).

What is the way to resolve this? What can I check further?