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I am going to install Recon for the first time but I have some questions which I would like you to help me with.
I have installed (vmware then windows server 2012 R2) on the physical server.
1.What do I have to install first, SQL embedded.. or Recon Server.
2.Since I have 4 physical and 4 virtual servers , do I have to install Recon per server or there will be a part where I have to select/enter the servers?
3.Will I have to install server and client on the same server?
Thank you in advance for your help.

The first step installing any PlateSpin software, i.e. Recon, Migrate or Protect, is that you install the SQL Server first. Installation is simple, just unpack the PlateSpin binary and run the setup program. You should see 3 buttons, to install SQL Server, the PlateSpin server component and then the client components - this is the order in which they should be installed.

I am unsure about point 2. Recon is typically installed on 1 server. Please can you clarify what these 8 machines are.

It is usual to install the Recon Client on the server but if several people will be using it then you can also install it on your own laptop machine.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PlateSpin Recon is not supported for installation on Windows Server 2012 - you need to use Server 2008 R2. Please refer to the getting started guide for further details