Hi there

I have run ZDC and see the following errors: I know there are a lot of databases missing from the audit database but this is a bug which I am aware of.

Can I ignore these other results and proceed with the upgrade.

Following objects missing are in tables' structures.
Severity Description
ERROR Missing object in table 'zDevice'
Object type: [Constraint] , Object name: [uniq_zDevice_SerialNumber]
Detail: [Name: uniq_zDevice_SerialNumber, Type: UNIQUE, Table: zDevice]
All required database Procedures/Views are present in the database.
Following mismatches were found in database Procedures/Views.
Severity Description
ERROR Mismatch in View 'NC_Component' structure.
Expected: [Name: NC_Component, Definition hash: 6fcbdda6 ]
Found: [Name: NC_Component, Definition hash: 47fbe01c]