Hi All,

We have IDM 4.6. We have 4 eDirectory servers on the replica. 2 of them are in Windows and 2 others are in SLES, like the given below name - just for reference.

Windows001 - Master Replica (All application drivers are running here like AD, SAP, Scripting and User App driver
Linux001 - Only the Roles and Resource driver is running

The SAP/AD/Scripting/UserApplication drivers are running on Master Replica server - Window server 001.
The roles are resource driver is running on Linux server 001.

We have a workflow that will show all the available roles for SAP system; The users can select multiple role which they want to have access.
Once approved, the "role request" activity in workflow will send the role requests. Then the roles and resource driver will do the role assignment.

The issue is: The roles are resource driver is running on Linux001 server. Once the roles are approve, the driver will pikcup that event and assigns all the role immediately (within very few seconds).

Example : 10 roles requested, and 10 roles are assigned. The role assignment update first updated in Linux001. Then it replicates to the master and other server.

But the issue is: The SAP driver or any other application drivers, gets only one role assignment event (not all 10 role assignment events).

Workaround: But when we move the SAP driver to Linux001 server, the SAP driver is able to capture all 10 role assignment events. it works fine.

I feel that the problem is because of Replica, the Linux001 server update all 10 role assignment in one single update to Windows001. Because of this the application drivers are getting only one role assignment event.

Please let me know:
1. If this is the NORMAL behavior of the Replica.
2. And if this can resolved by any ways - Because we cant keep all application drivers on a server where roles are resource driver is running.
3. Can we prioritize like role assignment events in Replica, so that the server will immediately sends the event to replica servers.

Thanks in advance