We have a test environment with 4 servers in a replica ring. At least they were. We had restored a backup to a vm and it took over as master without us realizing it. Now we cannot get the original master, 01 in this case, back into the replica ring.
Server 01 thinks that 02 and 03 are part of its ring but cannot talk to them. Server 02 and 03 think they are in their own ring with no master. We have wiped out server 04 and tried to join it back to 01 and everything is fine till we try to add 04 into the replica ring and they cannot talk. here is the error:

Error-626)The object could not be found. It is possible that the object exists, but the server could not communicate with the server holding a copy of the object.

Would anyone have a suggestion on how we can get everyone talking again? Any help, suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Wayne Jefferson