Dear IDM community,

we upgraded a customer environment from 4.5.3 to 4.6 (upgrading to 4.5.5 first as intermediate step).

The upgrade process finished successfully.

However, we are now experiencing issues with DNLookup fields in multiple UA forms/workflows.

While analyzing the issues I found the following forum entry, which describes exactly the error messages we receive:

(The thread describes, that the errors are somehow connected to the "Use Autocomplete" property of the DNLookup fields, after the Upgrade to 4.5.5.)

When using the lookup field and selecting an entry, the displayed error message now says...
For "Use Autocomplete"=true

"TypeError: ctr is undefined"

"TypeError: Unable to get property 'setValue' of undefined or null reference"

For "Use Autocomplete"=false

"TypeError: dn.replace is not a function"

"TypeError: TypeError: Object doesn't support property or method "replace"

We use standard API calls. In the onchange event of the DNLookup field, for example, we would have the following:

var editeduserDN = field.getValue(); //get selected user DN
IDVault.get("workforceid", editeduserDN, entitytype, "workforceID") //get attribute value and populate appropriate field
This worked without any issues under 4.5.3.

We have many forms/workflows here. Is there may be some kind of "official" information available on how to fix this issue or how/why the behavior of the API has changed? Or is the proposed "workaround" in the thread mentioned above the only way we can go to resolve the errors?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you and best regards,