We recently upgraded to Zenworks 2017 Update 1, so we may begin encrypting Surface Devices and other EFI based systems on Windows 10 (with SecureBoot Disabled). The one thing I am noticing is that the initial encryption performance is much slower than our Win7, 11.4.2 installs out there. A 256GB SSD in a SurfaceLaptop or SurfacePro (5) does the initial whole disk encryption at around 2.5MBPS Write & Read. In the past, this was closer to 60-70MBPS and to encrypt a whole 256gb disk took just a few hours, not a few days.

Of note, once the whole disk is finally encrypted, the machines are performing around 200MBPS which is adequate. I'm just curious if some change was made to the FDE product, which throttles the initial encryption?