Over the summer we Installed new ZCM 2017 Appliance servers and set them up as an entirely new Zone in our organization (school district). Since we deployed a new image to 90% of our PCs it was a simple affair of using the new Zone servers to deploy the new image and have the new ZCM 2017 agent in the image to instantly register them with the new Zone. However, there are a few machines that we did/could not re-image that are still registered with the old 11.2.3a zone (using the 11.2.3a agent). What is the best method to migrate these to the new 2017 Zone?

Do I use zac unreg and then zac reg and let the 11.2.3a Agent register with the 2017 Zone? Do I UNINSTALL the Agent and install the new 2017 Agent? What impacts could this have on volatile user accounts (set to 100 day inactivity longevity)?

Thanks for any help.