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Thread: IDM 4.6.1 - idmdash hangs with tasks

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    IDM 4.6.1 - idmdash hangs with tasks


    I have recently upgraded an IDM solution from 4.5.3 to 4.6.1.

    In the process i also upgraded the Postgres database to the newest. I followed these guides:



    Everything has went fine, but there is a strange problem.

    Whenever a user goes to idmdash and then to tasks, it hangs for a very long time. We are talking 10-20 minutes. I seems like it is searching in the Postgres database for pending workflows. If i do the top command form commandline, indeed it shows multiple postgres processes running with very high CPU utilization, actually taking 100% of it. It does this for 10-20 minutes and then shows the pending workflows for the logged in user.

    Some of the pending workflows have a receiver which is a group, where the user is a member of it. This is of course normal, but when this loading thing is going on, I see this in the catalina.out log about every minute:

    2017-09-11 18:38:34,851 [WARN] WorkTaskDAO [RBPM] Error resolving user DN: cn=groupname,ou=yyy,ou=zzz,o=top

    The group does exist, but what i noticed is that the groupname is for example Group1 but the DN in the error has group1 (the g is small). So the actual group is uppercase but the DN configured as the receiver in the workflow is lowercase. Is this a problem? It has worked for years without any issues.

    I am not sure if this is the problem. If it is, what should I do? Rename the group?

    I have looked around and I cannot find out what is causing this to occur.

    Another thing I have noticed is when I am logged into iManager and have a look at the running workflows, a couple of then show up as terminated and Engine is: ENGINE (Shutdown). I think it might be because the Postgres was upgraded and somehow it is looking for the old one. I don't know, but it doesn't look right.

    Thanks in advance,

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