I have the client option "Junk Mail Auto-Delete after 14 Days" set and locked at the post office level. Now I have a specific manager who demands 30 days. I thought I should be able to unlock the setting at the user level and change it to 30 days, then re-lock it so the user still can't change it (or even if I had to leave it unlocked for that one user that would be ok). However, the lock at the post office level prevents any down-level change even by me. So it seems my only options are to change it to 30 days for everybody, or unlock the setting at the post office level thus allowing all users to change it. Yes, then I could re-lock it for every individual user, which seems rather tedious and prone to further headache if another change is needed later. (situations like this are where exchange powershell, cryptic though it is, can be very helpful)

Am I missing something?