AHi All,

We have IDM 4.6 in windows. We are using the http://idm.abc.com/idmdash as our IDM application default context.

We want to customize the idmdash in terms of hiding the options/tabs available and also editing options for the end users.

1. on the https://idm.kmd.dk/idmdash/#/profile screen, we could see an icon to edit the profile and view org chart. we want to know how to disable these options.
OR Atleast, we want to disable the edit option.
2. We have 5 tabs on the idmdash like dashboard, Applications, Tasks, Access and People. We want to disable/hide people tabs from the end users.
3. Also we want to disable/hide the sub-tab "proxy assignemnts" from Access for end users.
and lot more to do.

Please let us know if there is any documentation for this or guide us how this can be done.

Thanks in advance