Service Desk 7.4

If a Service goes down(due to say Hardware malfunction) all of the effected customers create incidents, and technicians have to provide the same details/explanation(via notes) to all the incidents one by one.

1) is there any option to address multiple similar Incidents(for the same Item) from different customers at a time.
2) if a server/service(item) goes down unexpectedly, is there any option to configure the alerts so that when customer goes to Service Desk portal to create the Incident he/she can see the alert about that offline service.
3) if a server/service(item) goes down planned/un-planned, in both the cases how can we stop customers to create Incidents, as otherwise every effected customer would create the Incident and technicians has to handle all the Incidents one by one(issue # 1)

Please help/guide.