Out of curiosity which version of NICI, and iManager Workstation, are on
your workstation?

I cannot explain iManager on the server NOT working, at least if you
really are on the versions you claim (eDir 8.8 SP8 and iManager 2.7 SP7)
since those only come with NICI 2.7 which should be pretty normal for
those versions, but feel free to verify all of those packages. On the
client side, perhaps NICI versions differ causing issues; it is believed
that NICI 3.x could break iManager 2.7, but NICI 3.x is part of eDirectory
9.x and iManager 3.x (and maybe Designer.... I have not checked lately).

Either way, thanks for sharing your results so far as they are interesting
and could help others.

Good luck.

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