This may be more of a chrome/chromebook issue than an iPrint issue (due to the number of threads in Google forums I’ve seen with similar symptoms but not using iPrint Appliance), but figured I’d put it out there anyway to see if anybody has run into it and may know why it's happening.

I’m running version 3.0.1 of the appliance. I have chromebooks with the Micro Focus iPrint app installed. I go to the iPrint page for the appliance and install a printer. If that installed printer is my default printer, when I go to print anything from the chrome browser I’ll get a box that says “Loading Preview…” that appears to stay there forever. There’s a Print button there, but clicking it just gives me a spinning wheel that never stops. So, the end result is that the job never sends.

Oddly, if I change my printer to “Save as PDF,” the preview will load, and I can change it back to my printer, send the job, and I’m good. From that point on when that printer is chosen as my default, the preview will load for anything I send to Print and I won’t run into issues. Until I print to a different printer, which will change my default, and the next time I try to send a print job, I’ll get the endlessly “Loading Preview” until I switch to “Save as PDF” or the other printer that I got working the one time, then switch back to the new printer I want to use. So, I can get it to print, but I doubt my users would be happy about having to do that every time they want to use a new printer.

Anybody run into something like this and found a way around it?