I got problem to integrate MFSD7.4 with ZENworks2017 - i cant log in into MFSD web using ZENworks OpenID icon... (Im loged into ZENworks Adaptive Agent(ZAA) + got eDirecotry user imported into MFSD7.4)
Want to ease users login process into MFSD portal + it will be needed for solving IT incidents using ZENworks remote management...

Configurated for server this settings:
In ZENworks ZCM:
- configured User Source (eDirectory),
- imported certificate from MFSD7.4,
- checked checkbox at Configuration -> Infrastructure Management -> OpenID Settings -> Create ZCC session while authenticating external services...

In MFSD Admin portal:
- System -> Privileges -> System: ZENworks Integration Options -> Enable ZENworks Integrations (YES), Enable ZENworks Remote Control (YES),
- System -> Privileges -> Customers: LDAP/AD -> Mixed Mode (NO),
- Setup -> ZENworks -> General -> ZENworks Server Address: https://myserveripaddress,

*This is nothing to do with login options:
- Setup -> ZENworks -> ZENworks Import: Configured all settings to connect and read data from ZENworks database(Tested connection - status passed)
- Setup -> LDAP -> Configured all settings to get users from eDirectory (Only those users, who are in eDirectory Service Desk user groups, sync -> users imported, users can login into MFSD portal)

After all above mentioned configuration i did try to login into MFSD portal using ZENworks OpenID icon and did get this error:
0x704: I/O transport error: zenowrksserverhostname

Did try to google for this kind a problem and didnt find anything... maybe someone can explain to me, what could cause this???

Best Regards,
Janis Abolins