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Thread: IDM 4.6 - Having trouble with creating forms

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    IDM 4.6 - Having trouble with creating forms

    I'm having trouble with a pretty simple form and I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction. Right now all I have in the form is a DNLookup field and then I field I want to have automatically filled out with some of the chosen user's information. For the sake of simplicity I'll just say that I want my second field to display the Title of the user chosen in the DNLookup field.

    I know that I need to have an onchange event on the DNLookup field. Within the onchange event I'm using the IDVault.get() function to try and retrieve the Title. Now, it seems that the IDVault.get() command is always returning null. I've even tried hard coding a user's DN into the IDVault.get() function but it still will always return null.

    Am I mistaken with how the IDVault.get() function works? Am I not able to use it that way?

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