Setting and AD LDAP Directory with multiple OUs

Hello All;

I have a client with GW 2014 R2 SP2 (Revision:14.2.2, Build Number:126868)

We would like to move from eDir to AD as 1. the source for users and 2. password authentication, then 3. SSO.

The users are in multiple OUs within AD (just like in eDir).
The OU structure is (and this is the Base DN for the GW LDAP directory definition)
- this OU holds only City OUs and no other ojbects

users objects are in


First I need to setup a LDAP directory and LDAP servers.

I can create a LDAP directory and within this definition, I can set a Base DN.

And I can create LDAP servers for the LDAP directory for redundancy (since we have AD on replicated across several servers).

But I cannot find how to create a LDAP directory to look at all the different OUs within AD. There is a place for a Base DN but the docs state its for Sync.

How can GW be setup to traverse the different OUs to find the users?

Am I missing something?

Any remarks or suggestions?