When assigning a resource from a custom PRD, the default approval workflow is used by the resource approval/revocation process.
I use the description in the assignment activity to give some custom information to the approver, but the task name and the email are not customized.

The approver just get "add resource to user - ressource name" in the request name and "approval/revocation workflow" in the task name.
I would like to show " add ressource to user arrival process - ressource name" and "arrival on date xxx" in the task name for example.

I tried to use a custom approval workflow by copying the default approval workflow, but I did not find a way to add custom information from the parent PRD that start the "resource request" activity.

How can I get some flowdata from the custom PRD to the custom approval workflow ?

I see some ideas in other threads with @param, but it's not clear how to set this in the PRD and get it in the custome approval workflow.

Any suggestion ?