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>kjhurni;2467205 Wrote:
>> Wait, so you have a netfolder created that's the same as the Home
>> Folder?
>> Why? Do you have users home folders in the same path as say, regular
>> data? ie:
>> \\server1\volume\home\userfolders
>> \\server1\volume\home\HR
>> \\server1\volume\home\Accounting
>> ???
>> If the Net Folder SERVER entry has JITS enabled, then I don't know why
>> the Home Folders aren't updating, unless possibly the entry for the Net
>> Folder in the Admin Console is set to NOT enable JITS and override the
>> Server settings.
>> But if they are the same, you'll probably have to open an SR and enable
>> debug logging.
>> Home Folder settings are only controlled via the Net Folder SERVER entry
>> that's created automatically, assuming of course, that your home
>> directory attribute is filled out i eDir or AD properly. When the LDAP
>> import runs, Filr does not create a Net Folder FOLDER. Nor do you need
>> one (for home directories). It creates a Net Folder SERVER object and
>> then you have to configure that and it basically happens automatically
>> when the users login, that the "my files" allows for Home Directory use.
>> Unless Ken has any other ideas, but the only time I've ever run across
>> something like that is when I forgot to enable JITS on the Net Folder
>> server for the Home Directories.

>Because we are only have one server to share it:
>\\server1\volume\user\hr\userfolder <-home folder
>\\server1\volume\user <-Netfolder

I assume you have a reason for this, but it appears that you are
serving up the same information twice. Seems like that is doubling
the workload on the Filr server.

I have a single server doing the following:
\\server1\volume1\userfolder <-- displayed as a Filr home folder
\\server1\volume2\projects <-- displayed as a NetFolder

>if I copy the file to home folder, will be fast to show on the
>Netfolder, but will be show on home folder after few hours.
>So, I think have some setting can change the home folder Synchornization

All I can say is compare all the sync settings (scheduled and JITS)
between the two. There must be something different about them.

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I agree, it's probably getting confused with the "home folder" being part of the published Net Folder. Sounds like the OP has their home directories under the organization level (HR, ACCT, etc.) rather than all in one spot.

So he'll only have one NetFolder *Server* and one NetFolder *Folder*, so he'll have to check the settings. I'd probably say/suggest in this case to enable the JITS on the *server* object and then not mess with the Folder setting (I think there's a checkbox or something that says to use the SERVER settings).

IF that doesn't work, he'll probably have to enable debug logging and open an SR.