Am 25.09.2017 um 16:14 schrieb dbgallo:
> Sitrep. Upgraded cluster to OES2015SP1, mostly NSS32 drives, san
> attached. We are currently transitioning from NCP to CIFS based auth for
> our shares.
> Since the upgrade, volumes with large amount of connections will go
> comatose instead of migrating. The cifs log shows a message of
> "ERROR: VERB: SMB2_TreeConnect: No Share exists with name: $VOLNAME$" ,
> this is listed as one of the nuisance messages in
> but seems related
> to this....
> Once the volumes go comatose, you still need to remove the secondary IP
> address to migrate the volume.
> there used to be nssstart.cfg configuration options for tearing down
> connections quickly it was /Dirtysomethingsomething I think, but I can't
> fnd it?
> Can someone point me to these switches?

My guess is that your unload script hangs at ncpcon unbind command,
which is a known issue. All the rest are likely follow-up problems. Open
a SR if you can, there is a ftf available.

Massimo Rosen
Micro Focus Knowledge Partner
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