On 9/26/2017 1:24 AM, sandeep singh wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am new to AccessManager family and looking for a Basic authentication
> endpoint in AccessManager where users can hit the URL with some
> script/curl along with UserID/Password and in return they get NAM
> session.
> Basically one of the application needs to login into our NAM RP
> protected application using NAM LDAP ID but without manual attention or
> interactive login.
> So far we know about OAuth endpoint but the application do not want our
> NAM OAuth endpoint for authentication as it would require them heavy
> modifications.
> Can someone help me to know if this is possible in NAM?
> Our NAM version in QA:

Look at non-redirected logins in the manual. You can configure a contract that doesn't do a redirect to the IDP which is a lot more friendly for
scripts to use and you can just inject the authz header with your creds b64 encoded.