I'm trying to migrate from iPrint appliance 2.1 to 3, and I'm sure I've found a bug in the migration script. I've attached the data disk from the v2 appliance to the new v3 appliance. The migration script is failing after it prompts me for the old iManager password. (My iManager password happens to contain an apostrophe) If I type the wrong one, it delays for a few moments, then says incorrect password. If I type the correct one (or even an incorrect one) with an apostrophe in it, I get a "configuration failed. please refer log file" message.
So, I booted the old appliance back up, and changed the iManager password to something without an apostrophe. Then copied the data disk back to a new v3 appliance and tried the migration again. Typed the new password, and it said it was wrong.
I ran out of time last night, so I gave up and booted the old appliance back up. Now, the Manage iPrint Appliance link is broken, and after tearing into the iprinmobile0.log file, there was an authentication error. It looks like the appliance/mobile config was failing because I changed the iManager password, and the original iManager password must be hard-coded somewhere, such that the Configure iPrint Appliance interface is using it to contact the /psmstatus page to pull info. Sure enough, I changed the admin password back to the original one, and it worked again.
Are we really not supposed to be able to change the iManager first user admin account's password on the Appliance? Is there another method that doesn't break the iPrint Appliance and mobile config page, that I'm missing?

So, I'm left with 2 paths, both seemingly blocked by shoddy programming -
1, leave the password as it was setup, but face a migration script that doesn't escape passwords correctly, and is such broken.
2, change the iManager admin password, which then breaks other parts of the appliance.

Any suggestions, before I angrily open an SR?