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Thread: The requested redirect URL is not permitted?

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    The requested redirect URL is not permitted?


    The docs state to use "this" when doing the forgotten password integration with NAM:

    But for some reason in SSPR Version: v4.2.0.0 b196 r39220, Framework: 1.8.0
    It gives the error:
    SSPR 5075

    The requested redirect url is not permitted.

    It seems it doesn't like the last bit/part, which I don't understand why (ie: Lop off everything after the word TRUE, and it'll work).
    Ironically the:
    works as well (by itself)

    So why doesn't it like them working together?

    (obviously I have not published our URLs here)

    It's something with the new appliance. The testbed appliance works fine (same version) with the same NAM instance.

    But I can't find anything about the error (other than the useless KB that just lists the error codes with the same error), nor why it doesn't like the redirect for some weird reason.
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