I installed a brand new dsfw domain. The install went without a hitch. Have one issue right now that is a show stopper.
It appears that only admin user is able to login into ad side and of course administrator. All password policies were
already setup and working. There are 4 password polices setup for different ou's. All users are lum enabled as well.

Doing a lot of searching on this and it appears all users should have worked as is. What am I missing.

The only way to get a user to work is to actually ini imanager to change their password under passwords. To use the
ndslogin with their current password does not seem to make it active for ad side. Using the novell client does not
fix it either. I don't have time to go through a thousand users to try and set this.

Does anyone know a fix for this? I have searched the forums as well as tids with nothing to show.

Thanks for any pointers.