On a handful on our machines (Windows 10 LTSB) we're getting this message when attempting to do a 'zac ps':

Starting patch scan .....
There was an error scanning the computer: COULD_NOT_LAUNCH_ANALYZE

However the zmd-messages.log is somewhat contradictory as it says all is well:

[Before call to ParseArgs] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]
[Before call to ProcessCommand] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]
[Processing Command for handler patch-scan] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]
[Finished Processing Command for handler patch-scan. Result = SUCCESS] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]
[After call to ProcessCommand. Result = SUCCESS] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]
[After call to ParseArgs. Result = SUCCESS] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]
[After call to StopDisplaySpinner()] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]

According to the ZCC, the last time the device reported back from a ps was a few weeks ago. Have tried 'zac cc' and 'zac ref', but no joy.

We're running ZENworks 2017 Update 1.