We have a custom workflow developed in IDM 4.0 and it is now upgraded to IDM 4.6.

We have requested for an access using the custom workflow from old UI(https://idm.abc.com/IDMProv/)

When we use the new UI (https://idm.abc.com/idmdash/) to approve the request.

We could see the count as "1" on the top of "My Approvals" icon under Applications tab (https://idm.abc.com/idmdash/#/landing---> Applications --> My Approvals).

And while opening the "Tasks" tab in order to approve the request,we could only see the Tasks count as "1" and its displaying "No Tasks Found"under the Tasks list (https://idm.abc.com/idmdash/#/tasks--->Tasks).

But we could see that task in the old UI (https://idm.abc.com/IDMProv/workDashboard-->Task).

Kindly help and let us know if anything else to be done in the configuration.

Thanks in advance