I saw this thread where the user is not able to terminate the existing workflow. I have a simmilar problem where the receipient was terminated after he raised the request.
Now i cannot access the request history of the user to retract the workflow and the client cannot approve or deny the request since the approval form is causing an error.
How can I cancel this request? I saw this answer from Steven on this thread but I am not sure if this is the answer to my query. Can you please confirm how can I delete the request in User application data base?? Or is there any other solution to this problem.

> If you can not access it in iManager, can you see it in the Request
> Status area as the user you specified as the "starter". If yes, then
> you can press the retract button. If you can not use either of the
> above then you will need to delete it from the User Application
> database
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