I am trying to use the OES 2015 SP1 Migration Utility to copy files from one NSS volume to another, preserving all the trustee assignments and rights. When I start the migration utility and click the source server, it prompts me for the server name, that admin username and password as well as the OES root password. I put all that in and after a short time I get a 'Verify CA Certificate' dialog which is blank! I click 'Accept' and then I get the message that 'Authentication to the server failed.'. I am sure I am typing in the correct user name (using cn=admin,o=org format) and passwords.

Why does the 'Verify CA Certificate' dialog come up as blank? The CA certificate has not expired. I checked that. What am I doing wrong here?

When I use the Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR6) OES copy utility, it does, in fact, copy the files from one NSS volume to another on the same server but does not transfer the directory and file trustee assignements. I would have thought that it should. That is why I tried the migration utility. Shouldn't the OES copy program transfer the trustee assignments?