Has anyone one seen an issue like this:

I have a Role with about 15 or so different Office 365 license options assigned. I assign the Role to a user and the Azure AD driver makes the Graph API call to assign the features. However, a few of the features, specifically these 3:

MCOSTANDARD (Skype for Business)

Refuse the enable, they remain disabled. I can go into the GUI and enable them or I can with Powershell, no problem. But no matter what I try, I cannot get the Azure AD driver to enable these features in at least two different licenses.

The driver is running in Hybrid mode, so it is only handling licenses and roles, nothing else.

This is IdM 4.6.1, AD Driver, eDir 9.0.4.

I've used this setup before with no issue, so I'm baffled as to what is going on. It always seems to be those 3 that refuse to set. I'm having resort to using an external Powershell script to set them.

I see no errors in the driver logs at all, you can see the license GUID numbers being assigned and everything looks perfectly fine in the log.