Windows 10 Cumulative Update
Windows 10 have a new approach to windows 10. Only Cumulative Update are available.
My company want to patch the windows 10 workstation only after 1 month since the update release.
But when a new Cumulative Update for windows 10 is released the old one are disappear from the ZPM.
How could I see those previous updates?

Patch pop up window
I can see in our workstation log this line and similar:
[TRACE] [10/08/2017 11:53:40.142] [2800] [ZenworksWindowsService] [48] [] [Patch] [] [Element.Name: PopupMessage] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]
But I dont see any popup message, and the user doesnt know that he should restart his workstation.
We have implemented a system the restrict exe files from running. Do any one know which exe file make the popup in ZPM?