Hi All,

End users are not getting re-directed to change password screen after admin reset their password.

I'm following netiq document: https://www.netiq.com/documentation/...tml?view=print

and below setting are already in place:

Directory Abstraction Layer configuration: No directory abstraction layer configuration is required for this page.
Password policy: This page does not require a password policy, unless you want to use advanced password rules (with Universal Password enabled).
Universal Password: To use this page for a Universal Password, the setting*Allow user to initiate password change*must be enabled in the Advanced Password Rules of the user's assigned password policy.
To use this page for an eDirectory (simple) password, the setting*Allow user to change password*must be enabled in the userís Password Restrictions.

Also whenever admin is reseting the password graceloginremaining is not changing to 1.
If I change graceloginremaining manually to 1, then user gets a pop-up that your grace login is 1. and it directs user to change password page.

I need to do this setting if the user logs in with temporary password, please let me know how I can do this.