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That would be great, Craig, Thanks!

Actually it's much easier than I was recalling yesterday........
The complexity was running as system.....which most of the folks I assisted did not need to do.....
A small number of customers had extreme gpo lockdowns...so the upgrade would not run as administrator.

To Fix the "Pop boxes" issues....it is much simpler.

#1 - Extract the Stand-Alone Updater. (From the Command line....run the updater with the /? to get the parms. You will want to specify a target location and the "no execute" option so it just extracts and does not actually run.)
#2 - In the Bundle, Deploy the Folder not the large single EXE.
#3 - Run "Zenupdater.exe" from the folder to initiate the install.

The Boxes come up while the zipped executable decompresses.
Fairly sure when you just run the zenupdater.exe from the already expanded installer...you don't get those.