I'm having some issues with the AD driver. I am trying to add a user to a security group. We don't have the entitlement driver and the group is only going to be in AD so I am simply trying to add a value to the "member" attribute of the group object in AD. The problem is that it doesn't seem to work. The trace on IDM and the remote loader do not show any indication of it not working. I know, show us the trace. I meant to post this up Friday at the end of work but didn't so I will get the trace Monday. I was just hoping to find some idea over the weekend to try on Monday. Anyway, the trace shows the policy executing. It shows it adding the full DN of the user as the value for the "member" attribute on the security group object. However when I verify it, there are no users in that group. Again, I'll get a trace Monday but I don't have much experience with the AD driver or AD so it seems like it might just be an easy common thing I'm overlooking due to my unfamiliarity. Does anything stand out to anyone?