We use an unattend.txt file to configure the OES client during install such as login profile and LDAP contextless login server settings. We have been using the unattend.txt file for older versions of the Novell client and now for the OES IR2, IR5 and now IR7 versions of the client. The OES IR5 client reads this file and applies the settings fine. However with the IR7 client, it does not read this unattend.txt file during install (acu.exe /D:no). We first noticed the problem with IR7 because settings we added to the file a few weeks ago were not there after the install:

!Force_Grace_Login_Password_Change_Distribute=Alwa ys
!No_Of_Days_Password_Expiration_Alerts_Distribute= Always
!No_Of_Days_Force_Password_Expiration_Alerts_Distr ibute=Always

It turns out those computers had an existing install of an older client so when IR7 was installed, those settings were retained but the new settings added to the unattend.txt file were not added. After completely uninstalling the client, verifying registry keys were gone and installing the IR7 client using acu.exe /D:no none of the settings in the unattend.txt file were applied.

I compared these settings by going into the IR7 Admin folder and running nciman64.exe and setting these items and comparing the output to the above lines. They were exactly the same. So it is not a syntax problem moving from IR5 to IR7. Has any one else had this problem or know how to get the IR7 install to use and unattend file?