Still have XP boxes in play.

Have HP Pagewide 477dw built as a printer in iprint.
When trying to add drivers to Driver Store for XP I have yet to find a .inf file
Install from system doesn't list the printer.
My very limited recollection of the process is that if I installed the printer locally/manually the drivers are now on the computer and I can use that to 'upload' them in to the driver store.
But it's not working this go around - The HP pagewide printer is not on the list.

My workaround was to install the printer's via ipp with bogus drivers and then on the actual XP machine point the printer to the correct drivers that installed.

While solved and printing...I am curious what, if anything, could be done to get this setup correctly to be able to install the printer to an XP box via serveraddy/ipp and have it work like it is supposed to.