On 10/20/2017 11:14 AM, ptown wrote:
> That was helpful. I didn't understand that I needed an image object.
> It reminds me of working with dates. I took your advice and switched to
> using the resize function. Here is my rule:
> <rule>
> <description>New Photo</description>
> <conditions>
> <and>
> <if-op-attr name="jpegPhoto" op="available"/>
> <if-attr mode="nocase" name="TYPE" op="equal">0</if-attr>
> </and>
> </conditions>
> <actions>
> <do-set-dest-attr-value direct="true" name="jpegPhoto">
> <arg-dn>
> <token-local-variable name="varDN"/>
> </arg-dn>
> <arg-value type="octet">
> <token-op-attr name="jpegPhoto"/>
> </arg-value>
> </do-set-dest-attr-value>
> <do-set-local-variable name="varJpeg" notrace="true" scope="policy">
> <arg-string>
> <token-op-attr name="jpegPhoto"/>
> </arg-string>
> </do-set-local-variable>
> <do-set-dest-attr-value direct="true" name="photo">
> <arg-dn>
> <token-local-variable name="varDN"/>
> </arg-dn>
> <arg-value type="octet">
> <token-xpath expression="es:resize($varJpeg, 90, 120)"/>
> </arg-value>
> </do-set-dest-attr-value>
> </actions>
> </rule>
> There were a couple of errors along the road to success. I had to
> remark out all references to trace. I had to remove extra spaces and
> some capitalization errors. Aside from that, IT WORKS!!

Thank-you for sharing your results, as this is an interesting and simple
use of ECMAScript and Java for something fairly practical that a fair
number of customers use in one way or another.

One last thing: prior to eDirectory 9.x having a non-stream attribute with
a value larger than about 63 KiB was not possible because of NCP
limitations. With eDirectory 9.x that limitation should be removed, but
only among eDirectory 9.x systems. As a result, many of my clients extend
schema to use a Stream (vs. Octet String) attribute which can be just
about any realistic size to work around pesky limitations like this. If
you have users importing data into photo/jpegphoto/ldapphoto directly, be
sure you keep an eye on how huge those get in some versions or problems
could arise (replication stops).

Good luck.

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