Hi all: I am having a problem getting the new Windows 10 version, 1709 a.k.a Fall Creators Update, to post-process after placing my test image onto my test workstation. This may very well be a Windows 10 issue, but I have little experience with Windows 10 imaging and I hope someone here has seen this issue.

When I install my sysprep'ed image along with my driver image and scripts, the test workstation reboots and begins the Windows 10 setup routine. Unfortunately it never progresses beyond the Windows logo and spinner, no "Getting Ready". I am using the newest MS ADK to create my Unattend.xml file used during sysprep. The odd thing is that I had no trouble with the previous version of Windows 10, version 1703 a.k.a. Spring Creators Update, using the exact same methodology.

Also, regarding my unattend.xml file, I used my Windows 7 version as a template for creating my new version. Again, this worked for version 1703 but not 1709.

One last thing. Do you add the install.wim file to your system image?