A user was removed from a group a week ago, but still shows in the
Addressbook for one PO.
on GWAdmin, a departed user was removed from a group and everywhere in
GWAdmin shows as gone from the group.
The user was set to invisible and disabled pending extraction of any
necessary content of his account.
The group is for the users at location largely serviced by PO#1, but
the user in question happens to be in PO#2(never go around to moving
the mailbox) Each PO has its own Domain and are in separate locations.
Normal GWAdmin is run from the box with PO#1
The incorrect group member ship shows in the system addressbook for all
users of PO#1 checked with a range of GW 2014.2x clients tried as well
as WebAccess.

GW 2014.2.2.hp1 build 126868 on OES2011/2015 on vSphere.

Structural Analyze/Fixes are run daily, Contents run on the weekends
but without any relevant errors/problems showing.
I've run the Rebuild Indexes starting with the Primary Domain's
maintenance, included the POs and run an extra Structural with index
analyze fix.

Any ideas of where to look next? (beyond an SR/top-down rebuild,
they're competing for next-next)

Andy of
http://KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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