So when I attempt to install update windows with this feature update, I have a dialog that indicates:

"We found some issues. Select this messsage to fix and finish updating."

So I click the box "Fix Issues" and it says (after a long wait)

Some apps need to be uninstalled:

These programs need to be uninstalled because that aren't compatible with the upgrade.
*Novell Client for windows

With a button that says "Uninstall and continue", which fails. and says:

You'll need to remove these programs yourself, and then select refresh.

I had the Microfocus version of the client install at the time. I did go ahead and uninstall it, same thing. I even installed the last of the NOVELL versions just for grins, and uninstalled it. More than once. Same problem with Novell Client for Windows issue.

I realize this is a "Windows" issue, but its not likely that they will be vary helpful. I suspect I may have more feedback from this forum.