guidichris <> wrote:

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Thanks for the additional confirmation. And its absolutely "correct"
that "if this was the version of Novell Client for Windows that is
installed", the Windows 10 upgrade _should_ stop.

Because "nwsndmsg.exe" is a file from the Novell Client for Windows
XP/2003, which is incompatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and/or
Windows 8.x. Let alone incompatible with Windows 10.

But if you can recall or have any way to verify, _where_ did you find
and delete instances of "nwsndmsg.exe" from? e.g. Specifically inside
C:\Windows\System32\, specifically sitting in a C:\Users\ "Desktop"
directory, specifically sitting in its default C:\Novell\ extraction
directory, etc.

Because none of the testing we've attempted here causes the Windows 10
upgrade to halt in this manner, regardless of whether we place a copy
of "nwsndmsg.exe" (and/or the entire Novell Client for Windows XP/2003
installation set) into the Windows directory, or in a location outside
the Windows directory, or use the online upgrade versus the disc-based
Windows 10 upgrade, etc.

So we're still looking for more key data to engage Microsoft with;
specifically "how to reproduce this issue." And we're hoping that
maybe specifically "where" the "nwsndmsg.exe" instances were located
(and deleted from) might help provide that data.

Alan Adams
Client for Open Enterprise Server
Micro Focus